Real Name: Michael Austin Wardlow
Ring Name: Wardlow
Debut: 2014
Born: Middlefield, Ohio
Born: January 19th, 1988
Mini Bio: Michael Austin Wardlow is an American professional wrestler. He is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) under the mononymous ring name Wardlow, where he is a one time AEW TNT Champion. He is most known for formerly being MJF’s bodyguard and is a former member of The Pinnacle.


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AEW Dynamite Results – March 13th, 2024
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After a quick video package about things leading into tonight, we go backstage where Renee talks to Samoa Joe about defending his AEW World Championship against Wardlow tonight. Joe says he hasn’t forgotten what happened the last time they got into that ring, promising to retain his title as “Samoa Joe doesn’t lose titles in the Garden.”

Video Package: A more literal Storytime with Adam Cole Bay Bay, who talks about the rise of Wardlow ahead of his challenge for the AEW World Championship!

Back at ringside, Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring first for our AEW World Championship match! Out next is Wardlow as Undisputed Kingdom watch on from the stage before this match gets underway!

AEW World Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) defends against Wardlow

Wardlow charges at the champ as the bell rings, sending Joe to the outside for a beatdown that sends him to the barricade. Wardlow and Joe end up back in the ring, where the challenger drops the champ with a spinebuster for a nearfall! Wardlow continues wearing down the champ, but Joe catches him by surprise and sends him into the corner!

Joe sets him up on the corner but is sent off by the challenger, before Wardlow gets the drop on the champ as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The two go back and forth throughout, with Wardlow managing to keep the upper hand with some strikes and a set of suplexes for further damage. Wardlow takes the champ down once again, looking mighty proud of himself as he brings the champ back to his feet for a guillotine…before Joe gets to the ropes to break the hold! Wardlow stays on the attack, driving the champ into them before the ref forces him away. Joe gets to his feet but is soon rocked by some more strikes from the challenger as we come back from break!

Joe starts fighting back with some chops before sending Wardlow to the corner, but he gets intercepted by the challenger. Wardlow goes up, but Joe starts to walk away in his typical style…but it turns out to be a ruse as Wardlow gets the drop on him! Both men on their feet again, with the champ starting to mount some more offense as he hits a running senton.

Both men slowly get back to their feet before exchanging strikes, and Wardlow takes to the ropes…only to be dropped with a power slam by the champ for a nearfall! Joe goes back on the attack as we see Wardlow struggling with his knee in the corner…only to go after the champ’s eyes, setting him up on the turnbuckle for a big knee and the cover! But the champ manages to kick out!

Wardlow goes up top for a senton bomb…but Joe rolls out of the way! The champ sends Wardlow to the corner for some punches, but is fought back by the champ who drops the singlet straps…only for Joe to catch him with the Coquina Clutch! Wardlow is fading fast…and he’s out! The ref calls for the bell!

Winner via submission and still AEW World Champion: Samoa Joe

The celebration is cut short by Swerve rushing to the ring to confront the champion, barely stopped by security before Joe ends up making his exit from the ring.

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AEW Dynamite Results – March 6th, 2024
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AEW World Champion Samoa Joe comes out and says Swerve is making promises he will never keep.

Joe says Swerve’s house exists in his world. Swerve responds and challenges Joe to a rematch tonight. Adam Cole and the rest of the Undisputed Kingdom interrupt. Cole highlights the success of the group. He says the only reason Joe is the world champion is because they let it happen. Cole says everyone will forget about Swerve, he will only swerve from the world title, as there was no way he would win it, but Wardlow would capture the gold.

Strickland highlights Cole’s past failures and takes a shot at Cole by bringing up Britt Baker. Cole challenges Strickland and Joe to face Mike Bennett and Matt Taven. Strickland dares them to face the duo now, and Cole refuses, but Tony Schiavone says the match is happening. Samoa Joe And Swerve Strickland Team Up.

Samoa Joe & Swerve Strickland vs. Mike Bennett & Matt Taven

Joe controls the action and overpowers Taven and Bennett. Taven and Bennett gain the upper hand. They maintain the advantage. Joe fires up, and Swerve tags in. He rallies and clears house with a flurry of offense. Swerve hits the Swerve Stomp on Bennett and stares down Joe. He slams Taven with the Big Pressure for the win.

Winners: Swerve Strickland & Samoa Joe

Swerve stares Joe down. Wardlow comes out on the ramp, and Joe chokes Strickland out. Joe stares Wardlow down, and the broadcast team announces that they will clash in a title match next week.

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AEW Revolution 2024 Results
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All-Star Eight-Man Scramble: Brian Cage vs. Lance Archer vs. Magnus vs. Wardlow vs. Dante Martin vs. Hook vs. Chris Jericho vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Welp, let’s try our best. Quickly it’s Meat Madness, as Archer/Hobbs/Cage/Wardlow do battle. DVD by Cage to Hobbs. Archer goes Old School twice. Hook and Magnus take on Jericho and Martin and get almost “mini meat” chants. Jericho dives over the top to Hobbs on the outside. Martin with a dive to Wardlow and Magnus with a tornillo to Archer. Hook heads up to top and takes Cage out with an axe handle to the floor. Enziguiri by Magnus to Martin but now we’ve got all eight separate corners. Four-way superplex! Frog Splash by Martin to Cage. Martin backflips over Jericho and dives to Cage on the far side. Martin slips on a dive on the other side and rebounds and comes off the middle rope with a crossbody to Jericho. Cutter by Magnus on Dante gets two. Double underhook backbreaker by Magnus to Martin and a running Meteora in the corner. Magnus goes up top but Archer hip tosses him halfway across the ring. MEAT. MEAT. MEAT. Chokeslam to Magnus for two. Archer wants the Blackout but Jericho is here and it’s a double suplex to Archer and a stereo Lionsault! Two count. Hobbs takes Archer down with a big clothesline and a running powerslam. Suplex by Cage to Hobbs. Short-arm lariat to Hook by Cage but Wardlow is here and it’s a German suplex to cage. German to Archer. German to Magnus. German to Martin. Pop-up spinebuster to Cage! Wardlow wants the powerbomb on Cage but Hook sneaks in and locks in the rear naked choke. Liontamer by Jericho AS Hook has the choke! Cage breaks it up with superkicks. German by Hook to Cage and he stares down Jericho. Northern Light’s suplex to Jericho but Hobbs breaks up the pin. Hobbs misses a charge in the corner and gets dropkicked to the floor by Jericho. World’s Most Dangerous Slam to Jericho on the floor. Jericho with a fog machine to the face of Hobbs… kind of. Rising knee and F5 to Hook by Cage. Headbutt and a huge lariat by Wardlow. Powerbomb to Cage! Sit-out side slam by Dante to Magnus. Archer breaks up the pin but Dante catches him with the Red Eye. Pounce by Wardlow and Hook locks in the RedRum again! Huge headbutt by Wardlow and the big lariat. Powerbomb to Dante and Wardlow gets the win!

Winner: Wardlow

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AEW Collision Results – March 2nd, 2024
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Tony Schiavone is in the middle of the ring as we come back. He welcomes Wardlow to the ring, who will be competing in the All-Star Scramble match, looking for a shot at the World championship.

Wardlow says it looks like he finally got someone’s attention around here. Two years ago, he won the Face of the Revolution ladder match. One year ago, he choked out our King. This year, he’ll beat all the other ‘all-stars’. Who will it be? Wardlow vs Hangman Adam Page? He’ll slap his mustache off and send him back into depression. Maybe Wardlow vs Swerve? It’s Swerve’s House, right? He’ll kick the front door of his house down and kick him from the basement to the attic. Swerve back into your own lane and dance your ass to the back of the line. Maybe it will be Wardlow vs Samoa Joe? He’s sick of hearing the dumb hillbillies chant ‘Joe Joe Joe’. Wardlow hopes it is Joe, because everyone knows he’s in Wardlow’s spot. This time, Wardlow will finish the job. He’ll take his spot, his title, and he will beat Joe so bad he’ll be forced to put on a headset and go back to the announce table. Tomorrow night, Wardlow reminds everyone that he is still the face of the Revolution. This is no longer wrestling, this is war.

That brings out the Ocho, Chris Jericho! Jericho wants to ask Wardlow about why he’s focusing on Swerve, Page and Joe, when he needs to look at the competitors he’ll be facing tomorrow instead. Jericho is the very first AEW World champion. Before Wardlow disrespects him, he wants to remind him that it’s been four long years since he’s even been able to sniff that championship. Jericho knows he’s good enough….but is Wardlow? Wardlow is complaining so much about being overlooked…but maybe the reason people stopped chanting his name is because he wasn’t as good as he thinks he is. Jericho calls him ‘Mike’ so you know he means business!

Wardlow says Chris is right. Wardlow was this close to the top of the mountain, but then had to take a step backwards, and that continued on and it pissed him off. He let it eat away at him, and he lost his best friend because of it. Wardlow even lost himself. But then he started to remember who he is. Wardlow picked himself up, put himself back together, and came back to remind everyone who he is. He doesn’t give a damn who you are, how many titles you’ve won…he’s done eating everyone else’s scraps. So Jericho, feel free to come down to the ring.

Jericho is happy to come to the ring….but here comes Powerhouse Hobbs from behind! Hobbs gestures at Wardlow.

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AEW Dynamite Results – February 21st, 2024
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Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone welcomes Wardlow to the ring…and he tells Schiavone to get out of his ring before he knocks him down again. Wardlow is mad because two years ago, he had thousands upon thousands cheering for him…but now, the rocket that was strapped to his back has now kept him down time and time again.

He addresses the fact he’s not had so much as a chance to hold the World Championship, noting that he’s beaten men who have held the title with one man (a man who called himself “the real champion”) still falling apart because of what he did to him. He moves onto MJF, who was laid out and left to recover from his wounds…and the current champion, Samoa Joe, is a man Wardlow choked out and beat in the past.

He feels he is the best in the world, he is better than you and you know it, and he is the most dangerous man in the room…which makes him a uncrowned king. Wardlow is hungry and is tired of scraps, before stating this is no longer wrestling…this is war!

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AEW Dynamite Results – January 31st, 2024
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Wardlow vs. Komander

Wardlow stares down the luchador with a smirk before they lock up…and Komander is shoved down hard. They lock up again and Wardlow overpowers the luchador once again. Komander ducks the reach of Wardlow for a waistlock, only to be dropped hard to the canvas! The action heads to the apron as Komander uses his agility to evade the big man, hitting a couple low dropkicks to keep him off his feet…but it’s all for naught as Wardlow catches him with a big power slam!

Wardlow stays on the attack with his friends watching on from ringside, stomping away at the luchador before driving him against the ropes before the ref steps in. Wardlow goes back at it again, taking advantage of the five count to do more damage before bringing Komander onto his shoulders…before spinning him around and launching him to the canvas! Wardlow flexes as he watches himself on the screen, before going after Komander who’s gone to the outside…but the luchador reverses a powerbomb, sending Wardlow into the steps! Komander follows up with a springboard attack, and catches Wardlow by surprise when the big man gets back into the ring!

Rope walk into a dropkick by the luchador, followed by a Phoenix Splash for a nearfall! Komander walks the ropes again, but is caught into a big power slam by Wardlow…followed by a top rope uppercut! Powerbomb on the luchador wraps things up, a little shakiness in his knee not stopping him from getting the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Wardlow

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AEW Dynamite Results – January 24th, 2024
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Wardlow vs. Trent Beretta

Wardlow blindsides Trent from the opening bell, overpowering Beretta with ease until he gets caught with an inside cradle for a Trent nearfall! Wardlow is then sent to the outside as Beretta builds up momentum…only to be stopped hard as Wardlow punches him on the way down from a dive before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Wardlow maintains control of the match, wearing Trent down while keeping Best Friends from trying to intervene before he brings Beretta back into the ring. Trent continues to look in a bad way here as Wardlow takes him back out of the ring, sending him into the barricade before just as quickly returning him to the ring for more damage. The attack continues as Wardlow sends him out and right into the announce table, before rolling Trent back into the ring once again, taunting him as we come back!

Trent tries to fight back, but takes a headbutt for his troubles…only to catch Wardlow with a knee strike and a kick sending him through the ropes to the outside! Trent follows up with a dive that takes Wardlow…and as the ref deals with Undisputed Kingdom on the outside, Trent turns things around with a steel chair before sending him back into the ring! Trent fights back hard now, hitting a piledriver for the cover…BUT WARDLOW KICKS OUT!

Trent heads up top as Wardlow gets to his feet…and catches Beretta in mid-air before nailing him with a power slam! Wardlow brings Trent back to his feet, setting him up on the top rope for a massive strike followed by an elevated powerbomb for the pin and the win!

Winner: Wardlow

Wardlow looks to do more damage, but Best Friends rush into the ring to stop it. Strong, Taven, and Bennett come in to keep the Best Friends at bay before regrouping on the ramp


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AEW Worlds End 2023 Results
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AEW World Title: Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Samoa Joe

The two men circle the canvas before MJF does a strut, and then they lock up…and Joe shoves Max toward the corner! MJF backs into the ropes to stop him, getting a thumb in his eye to turn things around. But not for long, as Joe slams him down hard into the canvas!

Joe sends him back to the corner before laying in some hard stomps, wearing the champ down as the crowd shows their feelings for the challenger…who just smirks before hitting an elbow drop on MJF! Joe goes after the injured shoulder now as MJF fights back to his feet, hitting a chop to ward off the challenger…who drops MJF down with a big boot and an elbow drop!

Joe keeps on the attack until the champ rolls him up for a nearfall, turning the tide in his favor as he looks for a Kangaroo Kick…only for Joe to hit a monkey flip sending him to the ropes! MJF hangs on, looking to skin the cat to get back in…but gets knocked off by the challenger with a dropkick instead!

Joe follows up with a big dive through the ropes, keeping the champ down on the floor outside! Joe brings the champ back into the ring, keeping on top of things before going for the cover…BUT MJF KICKS OUT!

Joe doesn’t quite let up after this however, taking the champ down with suplexes before going for another cover…but again, the champ kicks out!

The action heads to the apron as the two men go at it, with Joe looking for a muscle buster…before driving the champ down onto the apron with massive impact! MJF looks out as Joe sends him back into the ring for the cover but MJF kicks out

MJF ends up in the corner as Joe continues the attack, before Max starts to fight back from the turnbuckle. He leapfrogs the challenger before hitting a rolling elbow…and drives Joe’s face into the turnbuckle repeatedly! Max starts mounting him up for punches in the corner now, before taking a bite out of the challenger’s head! The ref admonishes him for it as MJF steps back, looking for another Kangaroo Kick…but Joe stops him with a boot!

Joe’s up on the turnbuckle now, but the champ fights back to set Joe up on his shoulders…only to drop under the weight of the challenger instead! MJF heads to the corner, stopping Joe from an attack before hitting a double stomp on the arm of the challenger! Heat Seeker from the champ now as he goes for the cover…BUT NOW IT’S JOE WHO KICKS OUT!

Joe heads to the apron as Max looks for another Heat Seeker, but Joe fights out of it…only for the champ to go after his arm for Salt of the Earth! MJF manages to get it locked in with Joe’s athletic tape, but Joe rolls out to reverse it before locking in an armbar of his own on the champ!

MJF is struggling as he inches toward the ropes, reaching for the ropes before finally getting it to break the hold! Joe stares the champ down as Cole tries to cheer MJF on from ringside…but Joe is back on his feet, and he brings the champ back up as well. Max tries to fight out but gets caught with a choke until MJF sends him into the corner, dropping the ref in the process!

Max smiles at the chance to take a shortcut, but Joe kicks him…only to get a low blow from the top turnbuckle by the champ! MJF has him up on his shoulders for a fireman carry slam, driving the challenger into the canvas! MJF crawls over for a cover as the ref finally comes to, before making the count

Max calls to Cole to give him the ring…but this lets Joe cinch in a rear naked choke! MJF fights it back for a nearfall before Joe gets the choke locked in tight! MJF is scrambling as he looks for a way to escape!

The ref checks his arm, lifting it up once…and twice…and the arm drops a third time onto the leg of Joe!

Winner: Samoa Joe

The ref and Cole check on MJF now, with the now-former champ looking dejected as Cole tries to reassure him after the end of this match. The crowd are showing their disdain for how things went as MJF finally gets to his feet, only for the Devil’s masked men to show up at ringside!

Cole looks ready to fight alongside MJF as the men rush into the ring! Cole tries to stop them from attacking MJF, and MJF is trying to save his best friend until the lights cut out….and when they come back on, Cole is sitting in the chair instead!

The masked men unveil themselves…and it’s Roderick Strong, The Kingdom, and Wardlow! The men go after MJF allowing Wardlow to hit a massive powerbomb as Cole pulls out the Devil’s mask! He lays it on the chest of the fallen MJF, standing as tall as he can alongside his henchmen.

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