Real Name: Michael Austin Wardlow
Ring Name: Wardlow
Debut: 2014
Born: Middlefield, Ohio
Born: January 19th, 1988
Mini Bio: Michael Austin Wardlow is an American professional wrestler. He is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) under the mononymous ring name Wardlow, where he is a one time AEW TNT Champion. He is most known for formerly being MJF’s bodyguard and is a former member of The Pinnacle.


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AEW Worlds End 2023 Results
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AEW World Title: Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Samoa Joe

The two men circle the canvas before MJF does a strut, and then they lock up…and Joe shoves Max toward the corner! MJF backs into the ropes to stop him, getting a thumb in his eye to turn things around. But not for long, as Joe slams him down hard into the canvas!

Joe sends him back to the corner before laying in some hard stomps, wearing the champ down as the crowd shows their feelings for the challenger…who just smirks before hitting an elbow drop on MJF! Joe goes after the injured shoulder now as MJF fights back to his feet, hitting a chop to ward off the challenger…who drops MJF down with a big boot and an elbow drop!

Joe keeps on the attack until the champ rolls him up for a nearfall, turning the tide in his favor as he looks for a Kangaroo Kick…only for Joe to hit a monkey flip sending him to the ropes! MJF hangs on, looking to skin the cat to get back in…but gets knocked off by the challenger with a dropkick instead!

Joe follows up with a big dive through the ropes, keeping the champ down on the floor outside! Joe brings the champ back into the ring, keeping on top of things before going for the cover…BUT MJF KICKS OUT!

Joe doesn’t quite let up after this however, taking the champ down with suplexes before going for another cover…but again, the champ kicks out!

The action heads to the apron as the two men go at it, with Joe looking for a muscle buster…before driving the champ down onto the apron with massive impact! MJF looks out as Joe sends him back into the ring for the cover but MJF kicks out

MJF ends up in the corner as Joe continues the attack, before Max starts to fight back from the turnbuckle. He leapfrogs the challenger before hitting a rolling elbow…and drives Joe’s face into the turnbuckle repeatedly! Max starts mounting him up for punches in the corner now, before taking a bite out of the challenger’s head! The ref admonishes him for it as MJF steps back, looking for another Kangaroo Kick…but Joe stops him with a boot!

Joe’s up on the turnbuckle now, but the champ fights back to set Joe up on his shoulders…only to drop under the weight of the challenger instead! MJF heads to the corner, stopping Joe from an attack before hitting a double stomp on the arm of the challenger! Heat Seeker from the champ now as he goes for the cover…BUT NOW IT’S JOE WHO KICKS OUT!

Joe heads to the apron as Max looks for another Heat Seeker, but Joe fights out of it…only for the champ to go after his arm for Salt of the Earth! MJF manages to get it locked in with Joe’s athletic tape, but Joe rolls out to reverse it before locking in an armbar of his own on the champ!

MJF is struggling as he inches toward the ropes, reaching for the ropes before finally getting it to break the hold! Joe stares the champ down as Cole tries to cheer MJF on from ringside…but Joe is back on his feet, and he brings the champ back up as well. Max tries to fight out but gets caught with a choke until MJF sends him into the corner, dropping the ref in the process!

Max smiles at the chance to take a shortcut, but Joe kicks him…only to get a low blow from the top turnbuckle by the champ! MJF has him up on his shoulders for a fireman carry slam, driving the challenger into the canvas! MJF crawls over for a cover as the ref finally comes to, before making the count

Max calls to Cole to give him the ring…but this lets Joe cinch in a rear naked choke! MJF fights it back for a nearfall before Joe gets the choke locked in tight! MJF is scrambling as he looks for a way to escape!

The ref checks his arm, lifting it up once…and twice…and the arm drops a third time onto the leg of Joe!

Winner: Samoa Joe

The ref and Cole check on MJF now, with the now-former champ looking dejected as Cole tries to reassure him after the end of this match. The crowd are showing their disdain for how things went as MJF finally gets to his feet, only for the Devil’s masked men to show up at ringside!

Cole looks ready to fight alongside MJF as the men rush into the ring! Cole tries to stop them from attacking MJF, and MJF is trying to save his best friend until the lights cut out….and when they come back on, Cole is sitting in the chair instead!

The masked men unveil themselves…and it’s Roderick Strong, The Kingdom, and Wardlow! The men go after MJF allowing Wardlow to hit a massive powerbomb as Cole pulls out the Devil’s mask! He lays it on the chest of the fallen MJF, standing as tall as he can alongside his henchmen.

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