Real Name: Michael Austin Wardlow
Ring Name: Wardlow
Debut: 2014
Born: Middlefield, Ohio
Born: January 19th, 1988
Mini Bio: Michael Austin Wardlow is an American professional wrestler. He is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) under the mononymous ring name Wardlow, where he is a one time AEW TNT Champion. He is most known for formerly being MJF’s bodyguard and is a former member of The Pinnacle.


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AEW Collision Results – March 2nd, 2024
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Tony Schiavone is in the middle of the ring as we come back. He welcomes Wardlow to the ring, who will be competing in the All-Star Scramble match, looking for a shot at the World championship.

Wardlow says it looks like he finally got someone’s attention around here. Two years ago, he won the Face of the Revolution ladder match. One year ago, he choked out our King. This year, he’ll beat all the other ‘all-stars’. Who will it be? Wardlow vs Hangman Adam Page? He’ll slap his mustache off and send him back into depression. Maybe Wardlow vs Swerve? It’s Swerve’s House, right? He’ll kick the front door of his house down and kick him from the basement to the attic. Swerve back into your own lane and dance your ass to the back of the line. Maybe it will be Wardlow vs Samoa Joe? He’s sick of hearing the dumb hillbillies chant ‘Joe Joe Joe’. Wardlow hopes it is Joe, because everyone knows he’s in Wardlow’s spot. This time, Wardlow will finish the job. He’ll take his spot, his title, and he will beat Joe so bad he’ll be forced to put on a headset and go back to the announce table. Tomorrow night, Wardlow reminds everyone that he is still the face of the Revolution. This is no longer wrestling, this is war.

That brings out the Ocho, Chris Jericho! Jericho wants to ask Wardlow about why he’s focusing on Swerve, Page and Joe, when he needs to look at the competitors he’ll be facing tomorrow instead. Jericho is the very first AEW World champion. Before Wardlow disrespects him, he wants to remind him that it’s been four long years since he’s even been able to sniff that championship. Jericho knows he’s good enough….but is Wardlow? Wardlow is complaining so much about being overlooked…but maybe the reason people stopped chanting his name is because he wasn’t as good as he thinks he is. Jericho calls him ‘Mike’ so you know he means business!

Wardlow says Chris is right. Wardlow was this close to the top of the mountain, but then had to take a step backwards, and that continued on and it pissed him off. He let it eat away at him, and he lost his best friend because of it. Wardlow even lost himself. But then he started to remember who he is. Wardlow picked himself up, put himself back together, and came back to remind everyone who he is. He doesn’t give a damn who you are, how many titles you’ve won…he’s done eating everyone else’s scraps. So Jericho, feel free to come down to the ring.

Jericho is happy to come to the ring….but here comes Powerhouse Hobbs from behind! Hobbs gestures at Wardlow.

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